PC tyrant was started in May 2000 by four guys who were tired of the nonsense and coddling of the other online PC magazines. Brainstorming over coffee one night, we came up with the concept "PC tyrant", the ultimate authority in all things PC, dedicated to serving the serious PC user. Fearless, tough and fair, we feel we've created the mother of all online PC magazines. The Editor

" Nemojte se zabuniti, ovo je site posve namijenjen PC korisnicima, jedino ga razlikuju često britak jezik i satirični savjeti. Barem nam se tako učinilo. Možda se učini i vama. ." - www.monitor.hr

"Like a walloping dose of deprogramming given to the brainwashed members of a cult, PCtyrant debunks the myths of our computing world." - Metro Santa Cruz

"Un magazine informatique loin d'ętre comme les autres. Il a des opinions qui vont ŕ contre-courant" - www.zewoc.com

"Nice work, guys." - www.netsurf.com

Rob Chevalier - Tips and Tricks Writer robert@pctyrant.com

When not discovering, critiquing, or explaining the latest technologies, Robert spends his time managing the data bases of a major university, working on his inventions and honing his skills as resident wise ass.

Clay Butler -Creative Director, Editor

When not running the PCtyrant empire, Clay can be found working on his political comic strip SIDEWALK BUBBLEGUM, producing television shows, surfing, and maintaining his credibility as an illustrator/ graphic/web designer and concert photographer

Steven Schultz - Head Investigative Reporter

When not prowling the PC underworld , Steven can be found writing,recording and performing his eclectic collection of original music (20 albums so far) , and hiking the days away in the forests of Northern California.

John Crowhurst -Gamers Only Columnist

When not testing, tearing apart, and ridiculing video games, their companies and programmers...John spends most days as a programmer in Marin County and most nights playing guitar (or thinking about playing guitar).

Rachel Bondi - Industry News Reporter

When not culling through piles of industry hype or working at Web TV, Rachel enjoys the big city nightlife and practicing her japanese. Currently, Rachel and her sister April are seeking a publisher for their career guide book for women.

Jonny Lieberman -
e-insider / new economy asshole

When not haranging minor political figures or their mistresses, Jonny Lieberman enjoys fast women, big cars and sexy paychecks. He spends his summers as a fire lookout for the Desolation Mountian range in Alaska. Check out his rocking band AJOKE at www.superflan.com.

Dan Shick - Industry News Reporter

Dan is an itinerant juggler, copy editor, and film reviewer
masquerading as a systems administrator. He lives in East Bay, CA just
like everyone else who gave up on San Francisco. He speaks German and
likes cats and will be moving to Berlin shortly. He can be reached at

PC tyrant is always looking for talented writers. Professional experience is not required (just a kick-ass writing style, sharp wit and an eye for detail). Specifically, we are looking for an industry gossip style columnist and a techno weenie columnist. If you think you've got what it takes, send a sample of your work to newtalent@pctyrant.com. Contributers retain all rights to their work but submission implies permission to use work in Pctyrant.com...Pctyrant is an all volunteer project so you will not be paid in money...but handsomely in praise and glory.

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