I'm a system administrator supporting 50 plus PCs. Many users create problems because they install unauthorized programs, games and utilities from a CD or off the internet. How do I restrict the user from installing unauthorized programs on their computer ?
Is there any software that I can use ? ....Please help me....Thank You.

Andy Sherman

Excellent question Andy, and one that has plaguing systems administrators for years. Up until recently the administrator had nothing more than reprimands to stop the employees from adding unwanted software to their system. Now, thanks to the wise people at Logitech, systems administrators now have excess to the groundbreaking StunMouse 2001.

The StunMouse 2001 uses a nickel cadmium rechargeable battery or nicad that is self-contained and rated at 9 volts. Through solid state microchip circuitry, it takes the 9-volt potential and steps it up in two transformer stages to between 50,000 to 200,000 volts. Through high-technology, the battery's 0.3 ampere current is reduced to a non lethal 0.06 milliamps. The high voltage, low current charge is stored in the capacitors bank until it's released by the unauthorized instalation of non-approved software. The charge is pulsed at a low frequency and is released swiftly through the StunMouse 2001 scroll button into the employee's body, disrupting the user's neural and muscle function.

I'm sure you're beginning to wonder if this isn't and dangerous to your employee's health and safety, after all, good workers are difficult to find and expensive to train, but really, there is no need to worry. The energy stored in the capacitors is dumped into the user's muscles at a pulse frequency rate that tells the muscles to do a great deal of work very rapidly, thus making the muscles work furiously, but not in an efficient manner( ie: like checking your email). The muscles that take the charge work extremely hard, but not together. This rapid work cycle depletes the employees' blood sugar by converting it to lactic acid. This is compared with doing exercise in a very violent manner, but the StunMouse 2001 causes this to happen in a matter of seconds. As the employees' blood sugar is exhausted, he/she is unable to produce energy for his/her muscles and his/her body becomes unable to function. When the Stun Mouse 2001 is applied, the blood sugar conversion occurs within three seconds, leaving the employee helpless.

Note the cutaway diagram of the mouse and the surge protector above. By using simular background colors we understand these two objects to be related although they appear in separate boxes
In addition to its physical effect, the Stun- Mouse 2001 can serve as an effective psychological intimidator. It is recommended by the manufacturers psychological development team that you do not tell the employees what is causing the electrical shock. Over time this will cause the users to display general avoidance techniques thus discouraging them from doing almost anything that may alter the computer's operating system. Good luck Andy!

Employees caught on hidden camera trying to install unauthorized software. Without the use of the StunMouse 2001 they would have been successful with their installation attempt.

Note: Even after 50 shocks this test subject's hand shows no permanent damage. The mouse is also in perfect working order and meets all factory ready device specifications.
( Special Note: Employees requiring more than 50 charges to correct behavior may have an undetected learning disability or may be suicidal and should be removed from their workstation immediately)

Although the above grahical layout cannot be described technically a diagram, it contains all of the elements that one would expect in a diagram outlining simular information. The above series of explanatory photos and graphics follows closely the diagram standards as specified by The Center for Applied Instructional Materials and should be expected to contain all the functionality and information of a diagram.

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