" My hard drive is full again...Is there any way I can find more space without deleting files or buying a new hard drive?" Sam McMullin, Peoria, IL Mass-storage theorists have long speculated that in addition to realized storage capacity (RSC) each hard drive also contained a "virtual storage capacity" (VSC) . Theorists have also speculated that if this VSC was accessed and compressed it could result in additional total storage capacity(TSC) at a ratio of 1 virtual gig (VG) for every 4 realized gigs (RG). The trouble, said theorists, was not in discovery but in execution. For further assistance with your storage problem, Sam, we turned to Daniel Westminster, senior mass-storage theorist at Seagate Technologies. "Sub-atomic nano-space theory or 'applied mirrored storage' (or AMS as we fondly refer to it at the lab), has its foundation in the emerging field of quantum physics. AMS harnesses and compresses the 'invisible' VGs that exist in and around the bits of physically stored data on the individual platters of one's hard drive. The total accumulation of the VGs represents the VSC of your hard drive. Since this VSC is, by nature, unstable and of poor quality, it must first be compressed before it can be accessed as part of your drive's TSC. After sufficient compression and stabilization the VGs must then be 'anchored' to an actual space on your physical storage drive (PSD), at which point your VSC will be usable as part of your TSC.....about two megs ought to do it." So there you go Sam and good luck!

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