"Can I watch movies on my Palm Pilot?"
Jessica Martinez - Los Angeles, CA

Great question and one we've been getting more and more around here at Pctyrant. The first thing you must understand is that the Palm OS and screen resolution are not really equipped to handle the needs of DVD. Therefore you'll need to acquire a simple software patch and a snap-on piece of inexpensive hardware that are designed to enable your Palm to interface properly with a DVD device. The most reliable and easy-to-use software patch we've found is the Palminizer DVD Plus Maximizer by Hi-Rez.com. It's a free download and we have never have any problems with it causing a Palm device to crash. Second, you'll need a common HotSync Color Active Matrix TFT Display USB/DVD adapter to attach to your serial port. This will convert your DVD Hyper-Pulse RGB signal to a CVX Microburst CMYK signal and enable your monitor to increase its resolution to an eye-popping 750 lpi. You can get one at any RadioShack for about two dollars.

Once you've installed the software patch and connected the HotSync adapter its time to attach the DVD player (we like the Panasonic DVD-H1000 Progressive-Scan DVD-Video/Video CD/CD Player) and a good pair of Surround Sound speakers (we like the Acoustimass® 5 Series III Speaker System by Bose) as outlined in the diagram below. Finally, to be truly portable, you'll need to purchase a quality portable power generator. We like the Honda UE 3000 Super Quiet diesel model for its sleek design and compact shape. Start up the generator, pop in your favorite DVD movie, and enjoy theater quality sound and HDTV resolution anywhere, anytime. Good luck, Jessica!

Note the colorful dynamic arrows as well as the darker, more angular ones.

Arrows are a simple way to show connectivity and device signal flow.
This diagram follows the arrow signifier principles as specified by The Center for Applied Instructional Materials.

*This diagram is for the Palm IIIc handheld only. Earlier models of the Palm are incompatible with Surround Sound subwoofers and could result in damage to the processor or battery.

How much is it worth to have access to your favorite DVD movies anytime, anywhere and with theater quality Surroun Sound?
The ask the expert team put this monster system together for under $5,000,
not including the Palm Pilot.

Acoustimass® 5 Series III Speaker System by Bose


Honda UE 3000 Super Quiet Power Generator


Panasonic DVD-H1000 Progressive-Scan DVD-Video/Video CD/CD Player




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