PC tyrant looks at the new ibunny from Apple.Can it hold it's own against Texas Instruments' Speak-n-Spell.

Can Bill Gates save Microsoft by adding an umlaut? PCtyrant gets the exclusive interview with the software giant himself as he discusses the future of the worlds most powerful company.

Unleash typing speeds of up to 500 wpm! PCtyrant shows you how to turbo-charge your keyboard with the new KEYBONIC freeware program from NeuralSystems

PCtyrant reviews EASPORTS The Age of Umpires and BTS Nazi Accountant plus tips to some of the hottest games!

Apple launches the new
ibunny and ibear...can the
ipuppy be far away? Apple
computer's bold move to
capture the technophobe
market. Plus an exclusive interview with the legendary Steve Jobs.

Hard drive full? Don't worry, PCtyrant shows you how to squeeze out another two or three gigs of storage by creating a""virtual drive"!

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