Name Your Own Price...
for Hookers?!

E-Bay and Muscle In on the World's Oldest Profession

Get the eye of the tiger! Gain the competive edge with four new self help books...The Tao of Hitler, Exploiting Your Inner Child and more!

Launch of X-Box Triggers Protest from Pat Robertson and the Christian Right

Lego Announces New Palm Computer Appliance Line

Super Bacon...will nano-bot technologies combine with genetically modified fatty foods to cure heart disease forever?

The Total Immersion Game Suit, by Super Action Fantasy Enterprises, is the greatest gaming invention since pong. This suit will revolutionize modern gaming

How do System Administrators restrict employees from installing unauthorized programs on their computer? Logitech comes to the rescue with the groundbreaking StunMouse 2001.

Bush Extrudes Starling New Mandatory 2001 Legislation.
As his first successful act in office, President Bush announced today a startling new legislation aimed at rejuvenating the nation’s ailing dot-economy.

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