Christmas is here...and so are the products! Pctyrant reviews the Joe Montana 49k Modem, Dummies for Dummies and an amazing new book by Sarah Michelle Geller

Just when you thought your
e-business solutions were catching up to the 'New Economy'... Here comes the
New New Economy !
Investigative reporter Steven Schultz shows YOU how to
get in on the ground floor of this proactive new paradigm!!

Virus Alert!!! Don't let a "bad bone" turn your AIBO Robo-pup into a maniacle fire bug!

Pctyrant takes a hard look at the growing eChristmas economy. Who are the winners and who are the losers?
Plus the Pctyrant team reviews some of this years hottest stocking stuffers for the novice PC user or the seasoned pro!

Pctyrant reviews Commute, the awesome driving simulation pc game by 3DO

Recyling Bin Blues...what YOU should know about deleting your files to prevent a future disaster!

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