Expression session. New products for the "unique" office worker. Pctyrant reviews the radical Plantronics Cyborg Headset Series.

Al Gore De-invents the Internet
"I brought it into this world, and I'll take it out!." Former Vice President Decides That "Enough Is Enough."

Lookout it's USD...Faster Peripherals Standard Makes USB Look Like a
" Flatulent Camel on Heroin."

Remove Harmful "Digital Dust" with Ronco's High Bandwidth Wireless (HBW) Air Cleaner plus Microsoft's shocking new .NET product

Musical Kitchens sounding sharp at
Las Vega Comdex. Are you ready for the new midi standard?

Hot new hyper-violent educational PC games from Borland. Mathacre, Chemisery and Snoop Doggy Dog's Killa' Ebonics!

"Oh no, my computers steaming again!"
Pctrant shows you how simple maintenance can prevent your computer from overheating.

Growing Employee Security in a Booming Economy... Is This
the Death of Traditional Workplace Law and Order? Pctyrant blows the lid off this disturbing and seamingly unstoppable trend.

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