Here at PCtyrant product reviews, we usually try to compare a new product with its older version or at least a comparable competitor. Unfortunately, the innovations in the new ibunny from Apple have no modern equivalent. Using an example from the past seemed only appropriate…

Apple ibunny

Processor-150MHz G.01 Memory-32MB Memory, Storage- 1GB disk
Graphics- 4MB

56K Modem,CD ROM- stereo speakers, Includes Mac OSIMPLE BASIC,NotePad, Space Invaders,Pong ,Ibunny Poster,NSYNC video

What's Hot
Bunny feet add stability and the giant ears are undeniably cute.

What's Not
No upgrading possibilities, weak processor, low storage, NSYNC video just a collection of the same stuff on MTV

Texas Instruments Speak-n-Spell

Processor-1.01MHz Memory-5kb Memory Storage- none
Graphics-Green/ 8 bit

Speak n Spell BASIC,4 inch monitor,1 1/2 inch tweeter

What's Hot
Making it spell out dirty words,retro futurama look, small size makes it truly portable.

What's Not
Only performes preprogrammed functions, proprietary software, no storage

cd rom
open pci slots
Apple ibunny
cost extra
Texas Instuments' Speak n Spell

* The 'handle' on the ibunny is insufficient to qualify as a holding device as outlined in the Universal Standards and Practices of Industrial Handle Development (USPIHD)

Conclusion: Although the Speak-n-Spell is a good machine and quite fun and easy to use, its proprietary software, complete lack of storage, almost nonexistent processor and poor tech support make it a tough sell. Unfortunately, the ibunny didn't impress us either. Although the bunny look is quite appealing and it was easy to use, the ears did tend to droop and block the monitor and once again the weak processor and nonupgradability make this a no-go for anyone except the most inexperienced and novice user. We recommend waiting for the new ibunny Delux which will, according to company press releases, fix most of the ibunny's present problems as well as add DV editing capabilities.

Has Apple lost it's mind? Find out in an exclusive interview with Steve Jobs as he discusses the motivation behind the ibunny.

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