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I couldn't agree more with reader Jessey Wades; Keybonic is a load of shite...I should've had a wank instead.

Peter - London

Dear PCTyrant:
Thanks for publishing the handy article on "HOW TO WATCH DVDS ON YOUR PALM PILOT." Now I've got a fully portable entertainment system (although the generator keeps breaking down, which is especially embarrassing on the plane). I've even made new friends who share my interest, on the DVDPILOTNETWORK.ORG newsgroup. And we really want to use our web-cams to send real-time streaming video of each other watching the movies, because we're really curious what everyone's set up looks like. So, could you do another article describing how to get a palm-pilot web-cam hooked up to a DVD player?

Mort Subontnick

I think that you should run more of the type of articles I like and less of the ones I don't.

Phil Ramone - Boston, MA

Editor's reply: You bet Phil! We're on it dude!


I found your article on the new source code internet porn quite disturbing. How could you run such filth in an online family magazine? I for one am canceling my subscription and will encourage everyone I know not to buy your magazine or support your advertisers!

Beth Petterson - Richmand, VA

Editor's reply: Pctyrant is free and has no advertisers so I'm not sure what you're talking about. Are you high or something?




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