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You guy rock!!!This is the most kick-ass pc mag ever!!! you are so much better than those jerk-offs at Maximum PC ( or is that MAXIMUM PEE PEE! HA, HA !!)

Doom 69

I must take issue with your article " Speculative capacity and the new CPUs" in the June issue of PCtyrant. In paragraph two, sentence four, you refer to the ADM 923 mhz Big Boy chip as having a 'semi-neo dual fusion pipeline with a burst pulse rate equal to the KDM and the Intel 900 mhz quad-centered overburn open GL micro channel'. ADM has never made nor will it ever make a 'semi-neo dual fusion pipeline'. The correct term is 'neo-semi'. Next time you decide to do an article on speculative capacity, please get your facts straight.

Jeffery Wilson - Senior Speculative Capacity Chip-set Researcher at ADM Technologies

You guy kick-ass!!! This is the most rockin' pc mag ever!!! you are so much better than those jerk-offs at PC WORLD( or is that PC WORMS!!!! HA, HA!! )...

Doom 69

I like Pctyrant alot . You guys are really neat.


Your review of the new "WWF Super Smash Cage Match of Death and Dying" for Gameboy was way, way, way off base. How can you slam such an excellent game?

Billy Jackson

Editor's Reply : I totally agree Billy , " Super Smash" is an excellent game... but that review was in PC GAMER not PC TYRANT. Please complain to them.



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