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"Inside the Beast...Seventy-Two Colorful Diagrams of Computer Hardware Systems"

Part of the personal collection of Daniel Furdenhiemer Ph.D. this is the world's most comprehensive historical overview of original computer diagram art.
Monday through Saturday at the Tech Museum in San Jose, California through the year 2003.

in the Hackworth IMAX® Dome Theater

Michael Jordan to the MAX
Up close, some heroes get even bigger.
Experience the excitement of basketball, teamwork, and the triumph of adversity from the perspective of this extraordinary man!

Wild California
Wild California reveals some of the most dramatic views of America's wilderness and introduces audiences to the spirited people who value and brave its rugged beauty.
Cosmic Voyage
Cosmic Voyage gives you a unique perspective of our human place in the cosmos.

Inspiring Teachers Workshops
Bay Area Teachers interested in learning more about programs for students and teachers at The Tech are invited to attend our free workshops.
January 20 - May 19, 2001
Registration required

Educators' Night at The Tech!
Discover all of The Tech's educational resources and enjoy a full screening of our upcoming IMAX films Mysteries of Egypt and Caves. RSVP Now!
January 23, 2001

In the Know Zone! 2001
Experience The Tech's interactive discussion series featuring speakers whose innovative career paths have pushed back the frontiers of our known world and universe.
February 7 - May 2, 2001

Tech Term for December 30:


2001: Destination Space Exhibit
Opens February 9, 2001!

Tech Challenge 2001

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The Spirit of American Innovation Exhibit

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Exhibition Ends
January 3, 2001


In our latest temporary exhibtion, you can discover what robots are, what they can do, and how they will change your future.

New Online Exhibit
Robotics Online

We've upgraded our popular online exhibition—now you can pilot an ROV, discuss the ethical issues, meet 4 robot artists, even add your own robot to the site! Teacher resources included.


The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California is a hands-on technology museum devoted to inspiring the innovator in everyone.

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