Super Bacon, Evolutionary or Revolutionary?
by Rob Chevalier

Heart disease, specifically Atherosclerosis, is the leading cause of natural death in America, despite being easily preventable by maintaining a healthy diet. And though science and medicine have improved dramatically over the last 20 years with enormous breakthroughs in genetics, nano-engineering, and physiology, there have been no significant advances in the prevention or treatment of Atherosclerosis.But if the ambitious Reese brothers are right, they might not only eliminate Atherosclerosis completely, their new concept of "evolved food" may simply change the world.

Super Bacon Nano Bot in action
The Reese brothers, Joseph and Nathaniel, cofounders of Microganic Farms, are taking a radically new approach to the problem that integrates several next-generation technologies such as genetics, nano engineering, cloning, and cardiology. The solution is something that Joseph playfully refers to as evolved food.

"For years now, scientists have been trying to invent 'the futuristic food pill'. At Microganic Farms, we've decided to take the opposite approach. How can we make the food that we want to eat be better for us? We started way back in '93, we've been struggling with the FDA for 8 years, but I believe we have created the first perfect food, specifically engineered not only for pleasure but to be nutritionally optimized for human metabolization.. and a little more. I'd like to introduce all PcTyrant readers and the world to our first commercial ready 'evolved food'... Super Bacon!."

A new way of thinking.
Joseph Reese, a 62 year old cellular biologist/genetic scientist and former CEO of GenTech Labs Co-founded Microganic Farms in 1983 with a specific goal, making the food we eat better for us. While personally giving Pctyrant a tour of Microganic Farms' 35 acre Bridgewater, Virginia facility, Joseph explains. "I see the problem as a twofold quandary. First and foremost, most people do not understand how the body metabolizes food and they don't spend much time eating healthy foods, because it's does take a lot of effort...and alot of healthy foods are kind of flavorless. Plus, people don't like to exercise, even modestly or on regular basis...I mean, not even acouple of sit-ups. And finally, most people don't like to take pills, as in those daily multivitamins that everybody should be taking, but they are expensive and a tough habit to get into. So you see the problem we're up against."

"Second, and I think this is far more subtle, the food we eat, and I mean good natural foods like fruits and vegetables, are not necessarily perfect human food. The processes of evolution and natural selection have guided the development of our bodies to metabolize and digest the wide variety of organic materials found round us, all in the search for the nutrients we need as a biological machine. We get different mixes of nutrient from different foods, hence the concept of a balanced diet.. But not one single food is perfect. The egg comes pretty do bananas
and broccoli...hmmm maybe even spinach, but definately not cabbage... or beets...uh wait, I forgot potatos, yes potatos are pretty darn close."
What about a banana/broccoli omlet?
"Hmmm, better...but it's still not enough. You see,Homo-Sapiens do not have the equivalent of the 'Supreme Unleaded High-performance Gasoline with Techron' food that our vehicles do. Nature just doesn't work in that way....but fortunately, science does!"

"You see, just as we have been making food taste better through the use of clever recipes and preparation, we now have the ability to re-engineer the foods we love to not only taste better, but to also be optimally nutritious. We can take the 'chance' out of the evolutionary processes that have gotten us thus far. That's the basic concept behind what I call 'evolved food'."
Giving nature a helping hand.

As simple as Joseph makes the concept sound, the technologies that Microganic Farms have employed to make Super Bacon a reality, are not.

First, Joseph's choice of bacon was not without reason. Joseph's brother Nathaniel Reese is the president of Reese Foods, the nations third largest producer and distributor of pork products. Originally established by their grandfather Samuel Reese in 1901, the Reese family has been perfecting the process of selective breeding and producing nutritional feed for nearly 100 years, in attempts to provide the leanest most flavorful bacon possible.

Microganic Farms, with the combined intellect of both Joseph and Nathaniel, has taken the Reese family into 22nd century, technologically speaking. Through continued cloning and genetic augmentation and optimization, they have bred super pigs whose genes originate from an imperial breed dating back to the second Ming dynasty. The new breed is 60% leaner and the meat is substantially tastier. Additionally, genes from eggs,bananas and broccoli have been injected into the super pigs cellular structure. With a little bit of sunshine and ample water the pigs pituitary glands produce vitamin A, B1,B2,B12,D and the minerals iron, zinc and chromium, just like a plant would but without the need for chlorophyll. From a nutritional standpoint, the meat taken directly from the animal provides the complete balanced nutritional source of protein, vitamins, minerals and amino-acid building blocks needed by the human body to efficiently convert solid food to usable energy.

Furthermore, through the application of a patent-pending process, the bacon is infused with tens of thousands of microscopic plaque-fighting nanobots at the cellular level. Able to be safely digested by the human body, these proprietary plaque-fighting nanobot enter and traverse the circulatory system in a constant search for harmful plaque buildup. Once the nanobots fuel cell is exhausted, the dormant bot is simply collected and passed by the kidneys. Studies indicate that after 6 months of use, the plaque-fighting nanobots can reduce typical plaque build-up by 40%.

In terms of heart disease, Super Bacon provides prevention and noninvasive treatment simultaneously. It's definitely the ultimate cure for Atherosclerosis. "It's also an superb source of daily nutrition... and it's extremely flavorful" quips Joseph.

Red blood cells at about 10x magnification... Perhaps even more!
Which arteries would you like to have?
What the future holds.

Many of us probably imagined a future borrowed from "Soylet Green", where food as we know it was an exotic artifact, a future of turkey dinner flavored pills or packets of pasty astronaut food. Refreshing it is to learn for once that technological advancement doesn't always lead to straight to the bland prosaic world often portrayed by science-fiction writers. For if the Reese brothers and Mircroganic Farms have their way, the future tastes great. The various advances they have made in so many different scientific areas is remarkable. There is seemingly no end to the number of other applications and spin-off products that will undoubtedly emerge from their work.

We're still curious though, what is this super bacon going to cost?

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